Competition PN-II-PT-PCCA-2013-4-1348Grant no. 138 / 2014


The “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy is a prestigious state-run institution of higher learning and advanced medical research. Founded in 1857, it is the largest health sciences university in Romania, with over 2850 employees and over 5000 undergraduate, master and doctoral students, using the facilities of over twenty clinical hospitals in Bucharest. Between 2009 – 2010, the coordinating institution reported having won 164 national research contracts and 7 international research contracts, either in a position of coordination or collaboration. The visibility of the university in international research circles is reflected on the website and through articles included in international research databases.

The Institute of Biochemistry of the Romanian Academy (IBAR) was founded in 1958 and has set a high level of standards in both research and education, hosting master, doctoral and postdoctoral training programs that are highly attractive to graduates. These significant results have made this institution internationally recognized, facilitated by collaborations with numerous European universities and research groups (such as the Universities of Oxford, Goeteborg, Glasgow, the Max Plank Institute from Dortmund or NIH Bethesda). The aims of IBAR are to maintain leadership in competitive research in life sciences by promoting the work of Romanian scientists and to continue to educate graduate students in this field at a very high standard.

GINMED CITY SRL is a recently-founded company which aims to improve the treatment options of patients suffering from complicated gynecological conditions. Its young and competitive team is led by Dr. Petre Bratila, MD, PhD, a surgeon with extensive experience in complex gynecological interventions and reinterventions and a renowned teacher and researcher who has made significant contributions to the fields of minimally-invasive gynecology and urogynecology. GINMED CITY SRL offers the best and most modern therapeutic strategies to patients suffering from endometriosis and aims to contribute to research in this field.